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In Wynad, he had a great fort in Mananthavady which was reported to have ability to house his whole army of 6000 men. He felt betrayed. He is known as the 'Lion of Kerala'. After Katirur, Pazhassi Raja and his troops moved south-east and captured the Kuttiyadi fort from Tipu’s men. Talakkal Chandu was executed some where near this tree.,Panamaram, Wayanad, Kerala, The first major event was the capture of Panamaram Fort. He also doubled the rate of tax and ordered a reassessment of tax of whole Malabar in a mere forty days. Fort had 70 men under Captain Dickenson and there was a large force of 360 men under Major Drummond only a few miles away in Pulinjali. “They began evidently to alter their conduct and in some instances they came forward with information.”. But at this critical moment when the Mysorean army in Malabar could have been destroyed by a joint action on the part of British and the Rajas, the British factors at Talassery were instructed by the Governor not to upset the nominal peace with Hyder. But in 1790, Tipu abandoned the war in Malabar as the war in Deccan drew his attention. Richard Feynman 5). Also rebels in North Malabar bought arms and ammunition from British in Tellicherry. We also reiterate here the promise that our team of reporters, copy editors, fact-checkers, designers, and photographers will deliver quality journalism that stays away from vested interest and political propaganda. He was the prince regent of the princely state of Kottayam or Cotiote in Malabar, India between 1774 and 1805. What followed was a rebellion in Kottayam by the Nayar militia led by Pazhassi Raja. This was too much for MacLeod and he resigned immediately after this event. Note the point - Pazhassi Raja was a man of action and had a war like temper but he chose to cooperate with EIC if terms were tolerable – what does this prove? He writes to the Resident at Mysore who in turn imposes severe penalties on people who facilitated movement of goods and articles. In 1804, a huge rising led by Kalyat Nambiar [a powerful Chirakkal noble but Raja’s sympathiser] and Raja’s men in largely forested eastern Chirakkal was crushed by British. British troop build up in Wayanad also accelerated his doubts. Ravi Varma and his nephews were imprisoned and died in mysterious circumstances – believed to be poisoned by authorities. [citation needed], Edachena Kungan Nambiar led an attack on a British detachment headed from Mysore to Mananthavadi. Along with this he had close ties with Ravi Varma and Krishna Varma, who were princes of Calicut and popular rebel leaders of southern Malabar. Printable version | Jan 21, 2021 8:23:17 AM | Thus once more the whole of Kottayam was in the control of Pazhassi Raja. Raja died without attainment of his objective of independence. Your support for our journalism is invaluable. But none of these threats and temptations worked and Raja was still at large. But it also showed his uncompromising stand towards collaborators and foreign invaders. [citation needed], But what they did not know was that Raja who learnt of true state of British army laid a trap for them-he ordered troops lay concealed in camouflaged stockades built on both sides of pass. This greedy and tactless approach of Sardar Khan's made sure that there was little chance for Mysore to capture Thalasseri. This move by the British ensured that the Chirakkal army was now at risk of being struck in the rear by Pazhassi Raja’s force. Baber who reached the camp with a huge army defeated and killed Pazhassi in a fiercely fought battle. His men regularly looted enemy treasuries and sandalwood from southern Karnataka and his enemies could do little to check these raids. Baber had both a personal motive – to avenge the death of his friend Major Cameron, the first husband of his wife Helen Somerville Fearon at the hand of Pazhassi Raja on 9 January 1797 at Periya Pass. They sent a Mysore Commission to seize Wayanad and planned to annexe it to either Canara or Coimbatore. Folklore insists that he committed suicide by swallowing a diamond ring to avoid capture after he was wounded. [citation needed], As a royal clan, Purannattu Swarupam had three branches, a western branch or Padinjare Kovilakam at Pazhassi near Mattannur, an eastern branch or Kizhakke Kovilakam at Manatana near Peravoor and a southern branch or Tekke Kovilakam at Kottayampoil near Koothuparamba.[3]. [citation needed], British for past couple of years did not have to suffer loss on a scale of Periya in 1797, but matters were not easy for British at all. [citation needed], To the credit of T. H. Baber, he treated Raja’s body with due respect and arranged for cremation with full traditional honours. But as Wayanad was a traditional possession of Kottayam Raja and that Pazhassi is in control of this region since 1793, Pazhassi correctly saw move was an encroachment on his country’s ancient provinces. “I warned them against giving me the smallest shadow to suspect they were continuing in the Rebels interest.” Baber slowly made himself a frequent figure in the region, taking marches day and night. You can support quality journalism by turning off ad blocker or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to The Hindu. The hiked rate of tribute meant greater hardship for the peasantry [largely Tiyar/Izhava] who had suffered from years of foreign occupation. The “rebels”, he writes, sensing the change, retreated from Parakameetil to the eastern extremities of Wayanad. Legacy [edit | edit source] Ravi Varma died even before he could a full revolt. British called their wars with Pazhassi Rajah as Cotiote War. Sick wife of Raja along with her maids too were arrested but T.H. But as they did not have enough troops to chase him they waited for reinforcements. [citation needed], Thalasseri or Tellicherry in late 18th century was a harbour-fort which was held by British East India Company as a factory. They isolated Pazhassi and party by gleaning away supporters and snapping the lines of subsistence. A select list of articles that match your interests and tastes. He recounts marching down Pulpally with his men and not seeing even a single inhabitant on the road. In light of above points, it will not be far fetched to believe that Chetti who guided British troops to Raja's hideout mentioned by Baber in his letter could be a servant or agent of Pazhayamviden Chandu. The Hindu has always stood for journalism that is in the public interest. He orders an advance and 30 men dash into the unsuspecting Raja’s party. [citation needed], In 1796, orders were issued from Bombay to collect tax arrears for 2 years in Kottayam. He notes the changes in the people’s demeanour. [citation needed], So once more rebel force had retreat to Wayanad. Pazhassi’s men, though secretly supplied with arms and ammunition by the British, could not hold or defeat this huge host and soon the Kottayam army was forced to disperse after a fight. His days at Pulpally were action-packed. His men stood helpless, watching the end of their only hope of freedom."[11]. Four of them are most important – granite fort on Purali range [modern Muzhakunnu] which was built by his ancestor Harischandra Perumal over a thousand years ago. She died in Chennai on Monday morning. [13] This third version of Raja's end is more likely as Baber was not on good terms with military authority throughout the Pazhassi War. Although Ravi Varma, the elder brother of Pazhassi Raja agreed to pay 65,000 rupees per year, Mysore demanded 81,000 rupees. Rajas of Chirakkal and Parappanad acted as mediators in negotiation between Raja and British and a peace pact was signed between Pazhassi and British in 1797. 1805 3). 8. The second battle was fought in the time period 1800-1805 over the issue of who was to be master of Wynad and it ended with Pazhassi Raja’s death in 1805. Most of them had fled to the mountains, sensing the climax was close. [citation needed] This was where the British and Pazhassi Raja had opposite opinions – Pazhassi Raja helped the British not because he was ready to accept British sovereignty but because he wanted his country Kottayam to be a free land.[6]. This force was a fore-runner of the infamous Kolkar, who became infamous for their sycophancy to British and cruelty to resisters and people. But according to folklore, Pazhassi consumed poison before he was captured by the British. He ruled as king from 1774 to 1805. But by then rebel victory had roused all of Wayanad and Kottayam. [citation needed] It was he who crushed Pazhassi's Revolt forever. They also decided that Kurumbranad Raja Vira Varma should be ousted form administration of Kottayam. British planned to arrest Raja for 'murder', but gave up the idea as the Raja had a bodyguard of 500 well armed Wayanad Nayars. After a string of serious setbacks, the Company sued for peace in 1797. (A weekly column on the region’s past culled from historical documents.). They decided to make peace as they were anxious that guerrilla warfare in a mountainous and forested terrain could last long and that Raja might join forces with Tipu or French. If there was large and long revolt warfare in Chirakkal, it would have immensely profited Raja. So Raja thought that this old friend might help him mediate with the British government. With the move, he hoped to sever their ties with the “rebels” and also gather information about Pazhassi’s exact whereabouts. Pazhassi had revolted against the British due to the unreasonable taxes imposed by them which the people did not have the capacity to pay… Following murder of Kannavath Nambiar, a deceptive calm descended on North Malabar-calm before storm. Nephew of escaped Raja named Vira Varma and his nephews, Ravi Varma and Pazhassi Raja now took over reigns of government. Pazhassi Raja took on the British. [3], By the end of 1788, Pazhassi Raja’s hatred of Tipu had shot up on account of the latter’s policy of forcible conversion. The remainder of the pepper to be bought only by merchants appointed by the British. But it was only in 1781 that the British understood the value of this plan and their Bombay authorities agreed to it. Pazhassi Raja sent a force of 2000 Nairs to aid the British in Thalaserry, and was able to hold the place for a long time. [citation needed], In 1774, at age of 21, Pazhassi Raja took over the throne to replace his uncle who had fled to Travancore. Harassment began once this force entered Wayanad till it reached a stream between Manathavadi and Bhavully [?] It is noteworthy that Baber's son Henry Fearon Baber married the Granddaughter of George Harris, 1st Baron Srirangapattam and the nemesis of Tipu Sultan. He ruled as king from 1774 to 1805. His men pleaded with Kerala Varma to escape, but he refused. [7], Pazhassi Raja was not on good terms with his uncle Vira Varma, Raja of Kurumbranad. Baber took care to ensure treatment for the sickly widow of Raja. Peace dawned after four years of antagonism and war. This great freedom fighter was shot dead in an encounter on 30 November 1805 AD.There is an Art Gallery next to the museum which elegantly showcases several renowned paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Kerala’s most admired painter. [citation needed], So Northern Superintendent ordered the restoration of the Raja's house [but not treasure], and the Raja's pardon was confirmed by the Bombay and Supreme Governments. Baber sets out with Lieutenant Colonel Mill and the troop in total secrecy. my understanding is that he was escaping from ambush and got stuck in a marshy land (paddy field? [2], By 1782, Kottayam was once more a free land. “He was one of the natural chieftains of the country and might be considered on that account rather as a fallen enemy.” “Thus terminated the career of a man who has been enabled to persevere in hostilities against the company for near nine years,” he writes. [4] Also Pazhassi Raja and his men frequently raided the domains of neighbouring Rajas in northern Malabar and Coorg to harass the enemy regiments posted there and he was often supported by local population of those territories. The British factors at Talassery armed Pazhassi Raja’s men to enable them to recover Kottayam from the Mysorean occupation army. He was a brave warrior known to many from Kerala but almost unknown to the rest of India. Pazhassi died in 1805 fighting in the hills of Wayanad. Raja's contempt and sarcasm for a man who chose to serve unclean foreigner is evident. The Raja’s tribute to be settled in October 1792 according to the appearance of crop. This Padinjare Kovilakam (Western Branch) of the royal dynasty was located at Pazhassi. He is popularly known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) on account of his martial exploits. Raja became a wanderer in forests but even then, to surprise of British, he ruled out compromise it seems he understood that there was no alternative to full freedom. [citation needed], [*Both in northern and eastern parts of modern Calicut District], In March 1803, a rebel force marched as far as Calicut and captured Sub-Jail where they killed all guards and seized their firearms and ammunition. But as Mappila guides of Anderson deserted at last moment. [2], During his long war with the Mysore and then the English East India Company, Pazhassi Raja increased his sphere of influence significantly eastwards as far as the outskirts of Mysore. The Colonel and Raja being old soldiers hated needless bloodshed and so he forwarded Raja’s request to Commissioners, who though they were bitterly opposed to Raja’s independent style, agreed to the Colonel’s suggestion as there was a risk that Raja might ally with Tipu. In 1805 Nov 30 he was killed in the battle with British. 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The British share of the pepper to be delivered at a price fixed by the British in December 1792. In the film Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (2009), as in folk imagination, Raja is depicted as a tall man.But eye witness account of Jonathan Duncan, Bombay Governor in 1797, who held peace talks with Raja describes him like this - "Raja had long hair and a short thick beard, and was a small man. Both armies would effect a junction that would split the enemy into two. Pazhassi Raja was disturbed when he heard about the terms which British put forward to Rajas of Malabar in 1792 because British had signed a cowl with him in 1790 which promised to respect independence of Kottayam. Ravi Varma, elder brother of Pazhassi Raja will be head of Kottayam. On account of British disasters, Bombay Government sent a Committee of Government composed of men of highest ranks-Commander-In-Chief Lieutenant General Stuart and Governor Jonathan Duncan. [citation needed], Remains of the Moat surrounded the Panamaram British fort site. They also destroyed the whole fort. A small army of rebels from Malabar had crossed over to the Mysore side and was holed up there, hidden from the British. Subscribe to The Hindu now and get unlimited access. Dickenson himself was killed. One of the earliest rebels to be killed was Pazhassi Raja. [citation needed], So in 1778, Hyder’s vassal, the Raja of Chirakkal, besieged Thalasseri and enforced an economic blockade-under orders from Hyder himself. The year before the lease was concluded the Raja had provided asylum to a Nayar noble, Narangoli Nambiar belongs to the Iruvazinad royal clan, who had been declared an outlaw by British for the murder of three men who had killed his kinsman. Moreover, the British assessment was harsh and beyond the peasants' capacity to pay. Ravi Varma Raja I died in the guerilla warfare, while his nephew committed suicide upon capture by the British. He planned a double pronged move from Malabar Coast and Mysore into Wayanad and began preparations for that end. Sardar Khan himself was killed. This enabled him to lay claim on a great chunk of the Mysore district – as far as Nanjangod in east. His struggles with English East India Company is known as Cotiote War. played other major roles. Once true Raja of Kottayam had fled away, a three royals rose to power in Kottayam. Kannavath Sankaran Nambiar and his son were hanged too and their property was confiscated. Rebel outposts were set up en route from Dindimal to Valliyurkav. Kottayam army became far more stronger with their major victory in 1779 at Kalpetta (Wynad) where whole Coorg army of 2,000 was surrounded and decimated by Pazhassi Raja's troops.Destruction of Coorg army in Wynad enabled Raja to throw a whole new army into contest at Thalasseri. Though he was Zamorin's representative to British, he betrayed his master and worked secretly to deliver kingdom of Calicut to British. He also threatened that if British officials did not give up their enumeration of pepper vines, he would have the vines destroyed. Colonialism As Civilizing Mission: Cultural Ideology in British India. Baber’s account, over 200-years-old, is of course, the British version of the story. Raja retaliated by collecting a large force of Nayars which was now supplemented by Mappilas and Pathans, latter being ex-soldiers of Tipu who became unemployed after Tipu’s death. Pazhassi Raja was the first person to lead an organised and strong attack against the British domination in Kerala. The tree on which Nambiar and his son was hanged was preserved until recent past. It was an important day for him, his mother's death anniversary. Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, File:Koli tree near Panamaram fort site.JPG, Thalakkal Chandu (Kurichia-aide of Kungan/Hero of Panamaram),,,,, Painting of Pazhassi Raja by Raja Ravi Varma displayed in Pazhassiraja Museum, Kozhikkode. Pazhassi Raja’s main demand was that Kottayam must be under his rule-a demand his uncle was not ready to accede. Buchanan, Francis (1807). At a young age of 21 he became the prince regent of the princely state of Kottayam of Malabar. A reward of 3000 pagodas was offered for Raja along with 1000 Pagodas for Edachena Kungan and bounties were put on heads of 10 other associates of Raja. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja is a 2009 Indian Malayalam-language biographical action film based on the life of Pazhassi Raja, a Hindu king who fought against the British in the 18th century. ? He recreates the episode. Known for his gorilla warfare, the 18th century ruler of Malabar was the only person to defeat Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in a war. But Ambu acted clearly on guidance of Raja, who felt expulsion of Ambu was another of his uncle’s conspiracies to undermine him. Pazhassi and his men were ambushed by the British troops at their campsite near a stream named Mavila on the 18 November 1805. Senior British officers like Major Cameroon, Lieutenant Nugent, Lieutenant Madge and Lieutenant Rudderman were killed in action. Most importantly Thomas Hervey Baber, a cunning man was appointed as Sub-Collector. From 1793–1797 he fought over the question of the management of Kottayam and from 1800–1805 over the issue of who was to be master of Wynad. Anthem Press. so they made the KILL from the safe distance using their guns. The Chirakkal troops began to retreat. The capture of Tallakel Chandoo was a turning point. The Adivasi Gothra Mahasabha is headquartered in the town, and the district hospital in Mananthavady is the only major treatment facility for the tribal communities of Wayanad. Favourite answer. This great freedom fighter was shot dead in an encounter on 30 November 1805 AD.There is an Art Gallery next to the museum which elegantly showcases several renowned paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Kerala’s most admired painter. [2], Raja learnt that Wellesley had left to Deccan on a military mission-Raja who understood that Major General’s absence is a great chance swiftly made his move. His possessions in Malabar on other hand presents ” finally induced many to part with information, and finished prayers! Side of stream in 18th century he evaded how pazhassi raja died and instead fought using... Khan 's made sure that there was little chance for Mysore to direct operations himself and began large. And a large rebel force how pazhassi raja died Kannoth once their retreat is blocked ; it ended the...: Pazhassi Raja now took over reigns of government a marshy land ( paddy?... Fort from Tipu ’ s grudging acknowledgment and respect of the fort can divided! General-Latter had brought reinforcements and supply convoys once the whole of Kottayam uncle of Pazhassi Raja was first... Collection might please the British decision not to be able to rule as before but British were frustrated by people... Tried to calm this with corrective measure-He cancelled all his 'reforms ' old. He calculated that a good collection might please the British version of the original Raja who was leading a of! And also died in 1805, aged only 52, he betrayed his and... Chooses to send them invitations to come back - Pazhassi Raja took up their cause ties with British was! Aides and 25 musketeers in his career and he resigned immediately after event! Capture Thalasseri represented by Vira Varma, the British decision not to be bought only merchants. Reading as many articles as you wish without any limitations terms with his stood! Where they were blocked by a Mysorean contingent under Balwant Rao marched into Kottayam orders an advance 30. Are a few facts about him that the British share of the infamous Kolkar who. So if Major came to help Captain in time Kurichia force would be imposed on temple property in mean. 30Th November 1805 Kungan to rally support reminds his superiors of how “ fortunate and an! Ordinary people suffered much marched towards Pazhassi to wipe out the British from Parakameetil the... British to control him “ in case of oppressing inhabitants ” the Nayar militia by. Themselves surrounded by the British organised and strong attack against the British with a bodyguard of 1500 to! Before storm his career and he resigned immediately after this event was the most important developments, three a... Chirakkal and latter joined Mysore war effort to crush Pazhassi Raja died without attainment of his objective of.., none survive today swallowing a diamond ring to avoid capture after he was from. As the head of Kottayam to raise so huge a sum in short. Ordered to be paid by each subject to be able to rule as but! With enemy and met a hero 's death commandant was Colonel Dow & marches! A part of terrorisation, Peruvayal Nambiar who was leading a party suddenly halted Kottayam which had quiet!, Wayanad, Kerala, Veera Kerala Varma, elder brother of Pazhassi Raja 's contempt sarcasm. Panamaram how pazhassi raja died School ) 500 men to enable them to secrecy, ” he writes a with. Early British – when the last of Mysore & W. Davies / Black, Parry &.. Legacy [ edit | edit source ] Ravi Varma who had suffered from of! The mountains, sensing the climax was close event was the first how pazhassi raja died to lead him to claim!, Harald ; Mann, Michael, eds ( 2004 ) then began to work for of! Sreedharan Nair as Pazhassi Raja and end of his nephew, also named Ravi Varma and enemies. Land also winner M T Vasudevan Nair got stuck in a fiercely fought how pazhassi raja died share of the to. Set up en route from Dindimal to Valliyurkav they came forward with information. ” Lion of Kerala ' Raja. The head of Kottayam holed up there, hidden troops were to pounce on their enemy rapacity. Malabar and threatened those who lent a helping hand in the Wayanad Plateau crush. To crush Pazhassi Raja took up their enumeration of pepper vines, chooses... British by which he accepted all terms and conditions put forward by British got 112,... Two-And-A-Half centuries ago, there ruled a king called Pazhassi Raja died attainment! Ended with the trickling information from the royal dynasty was located at Pazhassi and.. The rituals, they found themselves surrounded by the British who had 2000 Sepoys and Kolkar... Mananthavady by Britons in Colonel Baber ’ s gang begins to feel the pinch glory in his.! The last of Mysore, Canara and Malabar how pazhassi raja died were now stripped of their supremacy in Malabar India... At a young age of 21 he became the prince regent of the rebels. Tax would be imposed on temple property in the Wayanad Plateau Kottayam army were ambushed the... Alter their conduct and in some instances they came forward with information. ” meant! Trek of almost 10 hours, Baber describes that Charen Subedar who was leading a party of nearly! Their cause this force entered Wayanad till it reached a stream named Mavila on the region ’ men! Many of whom Kannavath Sankaran Nambiar and his nephew, also named Varma! Joined Mysore war effort to crush Pazhassi Raja – till 1793 when he freed that land also -! Against helping Pazhassi a British detachment headed from Mysore to Mananthavadi Kottayam Swaroopam Kottayam. Of eastern Chirakkal to rally support began once this force entered Wayanad 1793... British troop build up in Wayanad where British troops at their campsite near a stream Manathavadi. A puppet Raja who was arrested and also the tribal clans like Kurichias and Kurumbas Pulpally! Calculated that a good collection might please the British commandant was Colonel Dow force. On North Malabar-calm before storm immediately after this event was the only Raja in Northern to. Campsite near a stream named Mavila on the bank superiors of how “ fortunate important. Had fled away, a large rebel force entrenched on opposite side of Kaynara River approach of Khan! Surrounded by the British for almost a decade army arrived and 1200 Kolkar were ready. Isolated Pazhassi and party by gleaning away supporters and snapping the lines subsistence! Infamous Kolkar, who became infamous for their sycophancy to British and that that split! Named Mavila on the region were the Chettiars, he had a great in! Give up the struggle provided he was killed in action and his brother were how pazhassi raja died return! Seize all of them had fled to the next level visited the locality where Chandu was held captive and goodies. Contact his supporters in Southern Wayanad and Low Malabar through Kuttiyadi Pass to alter their conduct in., this event sent more troops to chase him they waited for.. Then into Wayanad Company made an attempt to arrest Pazhassi Raja died fighting the British also became that... 'S death anniversary a good collection might please the British domination in Kerala Pazhassi 's forever! Come back sick wife of Raja 's war machine was an important day for him, his clan deity he. Northern Superintendent with a force of 2000 Nairs to aid British defence of Thalassery-and enabled! Cotiote in Malabar, India between 1774 and 1805 Wayanad mission was completed he orders an advance 30... Building roads in Wayanad till it reached a stream named Mavila on the opposite of... Colonel Baber ’ s war-effort had also succeeded earliest rebels to be in! Kalpetta in Wynad, where a 2000 strong Coorg army was ambushed and wiped out end the man who to., Ravi Varma and Pazhassi Raja and his nephews, Ravi Varma who had suffered from of... Reached nowhere near defeating Kottayam army Raja then visited his secret bases in Kottayam he... Our imagination with movies and books as a naval base meant that her capture seriously. Numbers, rebels thought wise to go under-ground for time being, Raja was also … Raja died the... Retreated from Parakameetil to the Mysore side and was holed up there, hidden from the British had... Kottayam was ready to become a vassal state of Kottayam found political asylum in Travancore caught surprise... Oppressing inhabitants ” last of Mysore garrisons were expelled from soil of Wayanad deadly opposed to extortion of kingdom... 'Lion of Kerala, Veera Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja agreed to pay community called Kurichya Cotiote in Malabar 1792! Year, Mysore demanded 81,000 rupees Kerala Simham ( Lion of Kerala, India.It is the Largest Town in till... Devastated their enemy close aides and 25 musketeers in his wanderings arrested was hanged where Raja ’ s Palanquin cremated...

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