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Notes. Faculty members contribute and participate regularly in major international conferences … All first degree students graduating from January 2018 onwards will be awarded degrees … He is not entirely a rational being like many economists often assume humans to be, though he is indeed more contemplative than talkative. A few examples of how CGPA is computed are given below. To display the Description fields select the Show Course Description fields … Please click on the link (Point 5) below for the new nomenclature:- Belarus Certificate of Secondary Education Scores of 8 and 9 in all subjects in Certificate of Secondary Education. MA1008 Introduction to Computational Thinking Computing / Computer Science / Computing … *Courses must not be part of the normal curriculum of either degree. Required. “engineering” or … Economic concepts are analysed in a rigorous manner, thus laying the foundation for economic majors to pursue advanced microeconomic theory. Copyright • But he would become very talkative when he meets a nerd, someone who shares similar passion in leadership training and finance. Office: HSS-04-80 Telephone: 6790 6234 Email: ajoalba@ntu.edu.sg Research Areas: I nternational Macroeconomics, … Welcome to the Economics LibGuide! It is supported by a large mix of local and international faculty, all of whom have PhDs from renowned universities from around the world. Courses where only Pass/Fail grades are given, where the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option was invoked, where the students were absent with valid reasons, and courses that the students are exempted from or are in progress (i.e. Both grades will also be counted in the computation of YGPA and CGPA (unless qualified for Freshmen Year GPA exemption). Join UniKakis Facebook group to ask questions and engage in discussion! Graduate Programmes Our graduate programmes lead to the award of the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Master. The unused quota of 6 courses will lapse after the Freshmen Year. Contact Information. (c)   The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) represents the grade average of all courses (including failed courses) attempted by a student. Section A rules apply to most final year students, who started their studies on a three-year undergraduate course in September / October 2016 and who are now in their third and final year. Research Areas: Behavioural and Experimental Economics, especially in relation to Sociology and Culture Teaching Areas: Behavioral Economics Curriculum Vitae Joseph Dennis ALBA Associate Professor. My MBA GPA was 3.5 from NUS Singapore, 3 years ago. by (e) The CGPA will be reflected in students' transcripts. Reg. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Trademark flying mortarboard shot with my awesome EEE bros :D: As I reminisce my not-too-distant uni days, I hope it will jerk my younger readers out of your I … To calculate SGPA … The unused quota of 6 courses will lapse after the Freshmen Year. awarded an 'EX' or an 'IP' grade) are not included in the computation of CGPA. No. They must submit their application for transfer of credits within the first semester of their enrolment in NTU. ), (AE105 is a Pass/Fail course i.e. During this four-year degree programme, undergraduates will read both Economics and Psychology, benefiting from the expertise and resources of both programmes from the School of Social Sciences(SSS). Faculty members contribute and, regularly in major international conferences and have served as consultants to prominent international organisations such as the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank.​, Last modified on Last modified on 13-Aug-2020. If, for example, you have done a placement year, or for any other reason have delayed your studies (perhaps if you deferred your studies, or if you had to repeat a year) then your degree classification may be calculated in a different way. An overall GPA of at least 4.0 in Higher Secondary Certificate Exam. It is a very comprehensive post; one that I've not written in a long time. Data Protection And Privacy TOEFL/ IELTS is a requirement* for the following programmes: The following online test scores are acceptable in view of Covid-19 pandemic. The Grade Point Average (GPA) system applies to students admitted to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in AY2004-2005 and all students admitted to Year 1 with effect from AY2005-2006 and direct entry students admitted to Year 2 with effect from AY2006-2007. Students who did not take HE1003 Basic Mathematics for Economists should have at least GCE A-level C mathematics or equivalent. This guide is created to serve as a general and introductory guide for those who are interested, or are currently studying or researching in Economics. 13-Aug-2019 The Economics curriculum offers opportunities to pursue specializations in both the traditional, as well as contemporary areas such as micro- and macro-economics… BCE and BCG students will be notified separately for the exemption as GER-Core. Join UniKakis Facebook group to ask questions and engage in discussion! (g) Students are not allowed to repeat courses that they have passed. The freshmen year GPA exemption was introduced from AY2014-15 to mitigate the impact of academic performance on students' GPA during their transition to university life. 13-Aug-2020, Economics was the earliest subject offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the predecessor of the School of Social Sciences. GPA Calculator (NTU) ... (GPA) enter the weight/credits and the grade for each of the courses you wish to include in the calculation. It contains selected resources curated by the librarians to get you started on the different topics in the discipline, in line with what the School of Social Sciences of NTU offers their undergraduate … (eg. ; Please note that the universities also take into consideration your O level grades when reviewing application. For a simple average grade calculation enter the weight of 1 for each entered grade or leave the Weight/Credits fields empty. Ask Browse FAQs by category Like every university in Singapore, NTU has its own admission criteria and applicants need to be aware that the criteria may vary from programme to programme. Students also form vibrant student communities within the discipline, in the School of Social Sciences, as well as across disciplinary boundaries in the university at large. Economics is the study of choices. The grades for all attempts, including those exempted from GPA computation, will remain on the transcript. NTU GPA Calculator; SMU GPA Calculator; About Us. These courses can be used to fulfill the requirements of a minor. Students must attain a minimum CGPA of 3.5 for each of the two degree programmes to stay on the DDP. Students are not eligible for promotion to the next study year if their CGPA is nil arising from GPA exemptions, even if they meet the AU criteria. 13-Aug-2019, Student exchange and short-term mobility programmes, TRACS (Talent Recruitment and Career Support Office). This course is excluded from the computation of the CGPA.). (f)  An 'F' grade obtained in a course, and a new grade attained for the subsequent repeat, will both be reflected in the transcript. upon request, i have sorted another list of GPA in descending order (based on the 10th percentile) for Y3 poly students/poly graduates to refer to! Required. courses with grades A+, A, A-, B- ... are included in the computation of CGPA. hi there! (b)  The following non-letter grades and notations are also used: *       - Course with Pass/Fail grading only. Note: **The courses marked with an asterisk (*) are those where additional assessments such as … 90 th percentile refers to the GPA which is higher than 90% of that of other poly students who entered the course. Undergraduate Academic Services. This tool can be used to calculate your Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Contribute to Digital Senior; Ask Now; Advertise; Do you know Digital Senior has just set up a new Facebook group? Work experience: tech management in Singapore. Optionally, you can also enter the course names. 90th percentile refers to the GPA which is higher than 90% of that of other poly students who entered the course. (d) The Year Grade Point Average (YGPA) represents the grade average of all courses (including failed courses) attempted by a student in any year. Returning National Servicemen Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) with places already reserved in NTU and who wish to submit new applications may do so by applying under the respective groups. NTU GPA Calculator; SMU GPA Calculator; About Us. Why do you want an MA in applied economics … At NTU Sociology, they work with professors from diverse backgrounds who pursue research in a wide range of areas. GPA exemption is not applicable for courses with fail grade taken on the second or subsequent attempts in the Freshmen Year. Students who fail to achieve a CGPA of 3.5 in any of the degree programmes for two consecutive semesters will be required to drop out of the DDP. Office of Academic Services. No. These two courses, AD104 and AE105, are excluded from the computation of the CGPA. Degree Specialisation Contact Person Aerospace Engineering: Associate Chair (Academic) Email: askMAE@ntu… Tip #1: Use the search box on the right corner of the table to narrow down to courses on your interest. 200604393R, © 2012 Nanyang Technological University Such courses will be classified as GER-UE and included in the GPA for both the B.Eng and BA / BSocSci (Economics) degrees. Economics was the earliest subject offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the predecessor of the School of Social Sciences. Please refer to the examples for computing CGPA. *All NTU first degree students graduating from January 2018 onwards will be awarded degrees according to the new classfication nomenclature, regardless of their intake year.

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